Entitlement & Zoning Services

Due Diligence & Project Feasibility

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Areas of Expertise

Entitlement Services

 Rezoning

 Planned area developments

 Special / Conditional Use permits

 Variances

 General plans

 Administrative Use Permits 

Development Coordination

 Infill development

 Commercial site planning
 Residential subdivisions

 Wireless communication facilities  

 Multi-family housing

 Senior housing / LIHTC 

Real Estate Due Diligence

 Feasibility research

 Planning zoning reports 
Neighborhood Outreach

 Municipal lobbying 

 Controversial zoning outreach

We routinely prepare and manage projects through the entitlement public hearing and development permitting process.   We prepare precise project descriptions, contact key officials and government agency staff in order to identify the appropriate entitlement process.  We prepare detailed, graphic oriented application packages, fill out and process land use Zoning and Permit applications including zoning, Planned Area Developments (PADs), variances and conditional use permits.   Zoning Strategies will conduct community outreach activity functions including implementing citizen participation plans, notification letters and conducting neighborhood meetings.  Zoning Strategies LLC will monitor applications, public input and staff reports throughout the process.  We lobby public officials, negotiate conditions of approval and represent client interests at hearings.   

Zoning Strategies LLC specializes in due diligence, research and project feasibility analysis.  We review existing land use issues and zoning constraints for property so that the client has a full understanding of the existing entitlements.  We summarize our findings and prepare planning zoning reports.   Most importantly, we make recommendations on how to remedy property deficiencies. 

Pre-Construction Project Management

We assist our clients by suggesting appropriate technical experts and project team members.  We prepare project timelines and budgets, prepare project status reports and monitor task lists to the on a continual basis.   
Development is complicated and Zoning Strategies will guide you through the complex labyrinth.  We provide professional services including government and community relations, zoning, variances and conditional use permits, project appeals and responses to permit enforcement actions, project team selection and coordination, project timelines and fee estimates.